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Peer to Peer tunnels for
Instant Access

Create P2P tunnels instantly that bypass any network, firewall, NAT restrictions
and expose
your local network to the internet securely,
no Dynamic DNS required.

It is 100% Free and Open Source


What does it do?

Enabling you to create Peer-to-Peer network tunnels securely on your local network.

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    Create Network Tunnels

    Holesail can create Peer-to-Peer network tunnels instantly. Use it to share websites, Minecraft servers, VNC connections and a lot more.

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    Secure your Network

    Static IP address and Dynamic DNS can expose your network to attackers on the internet. With Holesail, you expose only the port you choose.

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    Bypass any Firewall

    We use a Holepunching technique that can reliably bypass almost all firewalls and NAT restrictions while creating network tunnels for you..

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    Open Source

    Giving back to the community is our way of saying thank you to thousands of developers who create and share their code freely.


Build a connection with security in Mind.

End-to-End encrypted | Key Pair security

All connections are end-to-end encrypted with libsodium and are accepted only when the public and private keys match appropriately. This guarantees that no other peer can sniff your data.

Holesail Core Package | Connect with peers

Holesail is a Open source peer to peer communication software working on top of the Holepunch technology stack. It can bypass almost all firewalls and NATs and securely establish a connection between peers.

Liveports for VS Code | Share websites

Liveports is a free extension for Visual studio code that allows you to share your live server, react server or anything running live from within Visual studio code itself. It can both serve as a client and as a server.

"I'm on localhost"
it's not now shareable.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of using Holesail's P2P tunnelling technology to improve your workflow and eliminate the hassle of traditional web hosting. Holesail creates P2P tunnels that allow you to turn your computer into a server for anyone.

Utkarsh Payal

Co-Founder of Holesail

Suryaansh Singh

Founder of Holesail

Rohan Chaudhary

Co-Founder of Holesail

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