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Holesail Version 1.6.1 - Introducing Private Connection Strings, File Manager, and More

· 4 min read
Suryaansh Singh
Founder, Holesail

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We are excited to announce the release of Holesail version 1.6.1, a major update that brings significant improvements to security, usability, and functionality. This blog post will delve into the key features and changes introduced in this version.

Enhanced Security with Private Connection Strings

Holesail 1.6.1 prioritizes security by making all connections private by default. This means that connections are established using a unique "Private connection string" by default, eliminating the need for the previous concept of "connectors" and "keys".

Furthermore, to strengthen security and prevent confusion, connection strings are no longer referred to as connectors or keys but as "Private connection strings" and "Public connection strings", respectively.

The system will automatically determine if the connection string is private or public when connecting, so users do not have to worry about it anymore.

Public Connection Strings for Sharing (Use with Caution)

While connections are private by default, Holesail 1.6.1 offers the flexibility to share connections with third parties through public connection strings.

To generate a public connection string, simply add the --public parameter when starting a connection. However, it's crucial to remember that if there is sensitive data on the server, it's your responsibility to implement password protection measures, similar to what you would use on a regular server with a domain.

Thinking of Public Connection Strings as Domains and Private Strings as SSH Keys

To better understand the new security model, consider public connection strings analogous to website domains, which are publicly accessible. In contrast, private connection strings function similarly to SSH keys, granting access to a specific server or service.

Since Private connection strings are also used to start the server-side connection itself, you should not share them with third parties or people you do not trust.

While private connection strings are automatically generated; If you prefer to use a custom connection string, you can still do so by employing the --connector flag when starting a connection. However, it's important to note that the minimum length requirement for connectors has been increased to 32 characters for security reasons.

If you must use shorter connectors, you can still achieve this by using the --force parameter, but this is not recommended.

Effortless Connection with QR Code Support (Android Now, iOS Soon)

Holesail 1.6.1 introduces a highly anticipated feature: QR code support on Android devices. With iOS support arriving shortly, you can now streamline the connection process by simply scanning a QR code. This eliminates the need to manually enter connection strings, making it faster and more convenient to connect to your Holesail server.

Introducing the Holesail File Manager

A powerful new addition in version 1.6.1 is the Holesail file manager. This feature allows you to effortlessly manage files on your server directly through a Holesail connection. To launch the file manager in the current directory, simply use the command holesail --filemanager. This provides a user-friendly interface for browsing directories, viewing files, downloading files, and even creating new files and folders (if you have admin privileges).

Customization Options for File Manager

The Holesail file manager offers customization options. You can specify a custom username and password for enhanced security. Additionally, the file manager supports assigning roles (admin or user) to control user permissions. An admin user can create new files and folders, while a normal user can only view, download, and navigate the existing file structure.

Improved Help Command for a Smoother Experience

Holesail 1.6.1 revamps the help command, transforming it into a comprehensive guide. This in-depth guide covers all the available options and use cases, making it easier than ever to learn and understand Holesail.

Holesail version 1.6.1 represents a significant leap forward. With private connection strings, QR code support, the file manager's introduction, and more, it takes peer-to-peer connections to another level. We encourage you to update to Holesail 1.6.1 and explore the new features.